Saturday, August 25, 2012

RTA opens Drive Dubai Center in Jebel Ali

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced the opening of a new driving center named, "Drive Dubai," at the Investment Park "2," Jebel Ali, thus adding the sixth driving cen
ter in the Emirate of Dubai.



An announcement to this effect was made following the signing of a joint agreement by Ahmed Bahrozyan, CEO of the RTA's Licensing Agency; and Amer Belhasa, Executive Director of the Dubai International Driving Center, providing for the practicing of activities of training, qualifying and licensing drivers in Dubai.
"This cooperation comes first in the best interest of customers, especially residents of the Investment Park "2", Jebel Ali; a fast growing areas featuring high construction & urbanization rates, and attracting large numbers of residents who are in need of a center specialized in driving and issuing driver licenses. Such a requirement is tangible as the place is far away from the city center rendering it difficult for residents to join any of the other five driving centers in Dubai: Al Ahli Center, Galadari Center, Emirates Institute, Belhasa Center, and Dubai Center," said Bahrozyan.
"The new driving school will provide a diverse cast of driving services for trainees, including driver licenses for all types of vehicles & buses, be it light or heavy, motorcycles, and mechanical equipment. It will also run training courses for novice drivers or holders of foreign driver licenses, and provide other services that include drivers testing, eyesight testing, and knowledge testing through the approved languages," he added.
"The RTA is keen on granting a permit to open the Drive Dubai Center, Jebel Ali, as we are fully aware of the importance of establishing such a center in this area and confident of its success in attracting large numbers of the public. The facility will save much of their time & effort, and enable them achieve their prime objective of availing training and obtaining driver licenses, besides minimizing the pressure on other driving schools in Dubai," said Bahrozyan, adding that "the Center will abide by the standardized training contract approved by the RTA in contracting with trainees, as well as the fees structure agreed upon with the Licensing Agency as regards the training and services rendered to trainees."

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