Sunday, September 9, 2012

RTA launches Arabic Tongue initiative

The editorial board of Al Masar magazine, published by the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), has recently launched the ‘Arabic Tongue’ initiative as an educative electronic tool aimed to prop up efforts of promoting the national identity and presenting the linguistic knowledge in a stylish & attractive manner through a host of modern technological means topped by RTA intranet, and the social networking sites (Twitter and Facebook) in a bid to reach to the largest number of peoples within the RTA and beyond. 

RTA launches Arabic Tongue initiative

The new initiative comes in line with the initiatives launched by Al Masar to boost the national identity, particularly as far as the Arabic language is concerned. For this purpose, the publication dedicated a number of pages to give an artistic review of the poem entitled “The Eternal Language” written by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, through which it touches on the Mission and Methodology HH intended to inspire among his people depicting love & glory for the Quran’s language.
Al Masar will continue featuring the “The Eternal Language” poem till the end of the year as it constitutes an unprecedented support to the national identity, and offers a huge backing to all defenders of the Arabic language since it relates to a personality considered amongst the biggest champions of national & Pan Arab causes. The poem was so rich in contents that it astonished critics, writers and poets who have seen the traditional poems of HH, but haven’t had come across eloquent poems of HH. Al Masar will run the review of this poet in seven successive episodes to cover its 53 verses.
Dr. Aysha Al Busmait, Director of Marketing & Corporate Communication at RTA Corporate Support Services Sector, and Head of RTA National Identity Team, said: “The new electronic initiative comes in the aftermath of the “Arabic Tongue” page launched by the magazine a couple of years ago, and has now introduced a breakthrough development starting from Issue 52 to match the electronic display style. As part of the initiative, on the Sunday of each week educative e-mails will be transmitted to highlight a number of common language errors entrapping considerable numbers of employees and writers in a way thatchange the meaning and might lead to a misunderstanding of narrations such as the holy Quran, Sunna and classical Arabic legacy. Arabic language linguists will attend to examining & researchingknown common language errors before uploading informative briefings about them onto the three portals.
“The team running the initiative has dedicated Monday to test the artistic memory of readers where a poetic verse extracted from the crème of Arabic poetry, and readers will be prompted to tell the writer, and the reply will be revealed in the following week. This piece has received an overwhelming welcome by readers within and outside the RTA.
“On Tuesday, the Team will narrate key errors in feminine & muscular expressions particularly in some confusing words often wrongly used to the extent that many people think that it is a correct.
“Followers of this initiative will be treated to a story of an Arabic axiom and how the utterance has evolved into an adage and maxim.
“The program will be wound up on Thursday by a column “Ask Scholars” in which the team of the initiative will respond to the queries of interactive readers and reply to all their linguistic and artistic questions,” added Al Busmait.
Al Masar review will not be restricted to pages dedicated to the national identity launched earlier such as “My Nation, Arabic Tongue, Our Green Land” pages, but opted to introduce “Sea Treasures” page as well as “Breezes” page; which runs an introductory about tourist areas of our gifted land. The series started with Jees Mountain; which has a year-long cool weather and is expected to turn into a summer resort for Emiratis in future, and will continue rolling by featuring Wadi Al Hilo attractions in the forthcoming 52nd Issue.

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