Monday, September 3, 2012

RTA adds more NOL cards selling outlets

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has recently added more selling and recharging outlets of the Unified Fare Collection cards (Nol cards) by adding City Group, Grand City Mall, and Lulu International Exchange LLC to the lineup of RTA-approved selling agents. The move stems from RTA's keenness on broadening the realm of its service offering to enable users of mass transit systems (comprising Dubai Metro, public buses, and the water bus) to use them, besides being used by the public to pay for the public parking fees in Dubai.

NOL cards
NOL Cards

Yousef Mohammed Al Mudharreb, Director of Automated Fare Collection at RTA Corporate Technical Support Services Sector, said: "It is quite important to offer more selling outlets of Nol Cards in order to serve a wider segment of public transport commuters, particularly with the launch of the Dubai Metro Green Line on 9/9/2011; which has played a crucial role in integrating the mass transit systems in Dubai, thereby serving a large number of key districts and landmarks of the business sector in the Emirate.
"To activate this Decision, the Automated Fare Collection Department at RTA Corporate Technical Support Services Sector, opted to increase the selling & recharging facilities of all types of Nol cards by signing bilateral agreements with each of: Citi Group, Grand City Mall; which are among the leading business entities in the UAE and have a wide spectrum of selling outlets having as much as 120 opened outlets including 15 recharging outlets at Citi Group Hypermarket, and 12 selling outlets, including 4 recharging outlets, at Grand City Mall, in addition to 14 selling outlets at Lulu International Exchange.
"The new selling outlets will adhere to the same terms & conditions applicable to other selling outlets operating since the launch of the Nol card, including offering unified prices at all the new and the existing outlets.
"The RTA is always seeking to beef-up the channels & outlets of distributing its services & products in cooperation with a host of government & semi-government entities as well as private organizations to cater to the rising demand for its services by mass transit users in Dubai Emirate. We would also like to commend the role played by the outlets of Citi Group, Grand City Mall and Lulu International Exchange spread all over the UAE,” said Al Mudharreb in a final remark.

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