Saturday, December 29, 2012

Dubai authorities brace for New Year’s Eve

Dubai is ready for New Year’s Eve thanks to forward planning.

Dubai: Police and civic staff are as ready as they can be for an expected million visitors on New Year’s Eve to Burj Khalifa celebrations.

The Executive Committee for New Year’s Security hasfinalised its preparations for New Year’s eve, said a top Dubai police official.
Maj Gen Mohammad Eid Al Mansouri, Director of the General Department of Protective Security and Emergency at Dubai Police and head of committees for activities in Dubai, told Gulf News that police, ambulance and civil defence staff for New Year’s Eve festivals are ready forexpected traffic jams that have traditionally descended on the Burj Khalifa area due to the massive number of people expected to visit Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall at night.
“The new year celebration at Burj Khalifa is a very important event that attracts people from within the country as well as neighbouring countries and from all over the world,” he said. “We are expecting one million visitors to attend the celebration.”Major General Al Mansouri said the committee faces safety, security and organisational challenges.
“Our main concern is the traffic gridlock that not only affects Dubai Mall and the surrounding areas but also extends throughout the city and sometimes it makes traffic movement on Dubai roads stop completely,” he said.
Al Mansouri said the committee was working on an effective strategy to the traffic jam problem that will involve all departments including traffic and the Road and Transport Authority.
“In the past, there were some negative issues in relation to traffic movement at such events and now we hope to overcome this,” he said
“There are intensive security measures in place during the new year festivities at Burj Khalifa and the surrounding areas in cooperation with civil defence, the ambulance centre, RTA, Dubai Metro, Emaar and other sections from Dubai police.”
He said Dubai Police will manage the security procedures and massive security preparations will be put in place during this important event.
The Civil Defence will be ready and on alert on the scene along with a large number of firefighting personnel and rescue vehicles including helicopters in addition to ambulances from Dubai ambulance services centre.
Uniformed and undercover police will extensively monitor the area.
The Security committee comprises members from police explosive security department, police VIP’s protection department, emergency department at Dubai Police, Civil Defence, RTA, Dubai Metro, Dubai Ambulance Services, Emaar and others.

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